We offer through a partner, a service where you as an operator with a numbering plan can make from 3000usd to 4000usd per month.


All you need is to dedicate a range of your numbering plan ( 1000numbers minimum) to receive SMS Messages from different sources Internationally that will be used in polls, digital marketing, Internet.


The numbers can be either fixed or mobiles as long as you have a MNC (Mobile Network Code) associated to them.


Pre-requesites are 2 :

- minimum of 1000numbers (can be fixed or mobiles)

- mobile network code (MNC)


the amount of 3000usd to 4000usd per month , is based on at least 2.000.000 (2million messages) that will be sent to the 1000 numbers you provide.


you as the operator who offered your own numbers for this service will receive 0.002usd per message


that is 2.000.000messages x 0.002your profit = 4000usd per month


and the best is you can still rent your very same numbers for Voice